San Miguel de Allende, Salida Real de Queretaro reopened


The sidewalks of the calle Salida a Real de Querétaro at the height of Piedras Chinas to Santo Domingo were expanded and leveled

El Mirador, San Miguel de Allende. – Visita San Miguel

The Infrastructure and Public Works Directorate of San Miguel de Allende expanded and leveled the sidewalks of Salida a Real de Querétaro street at the height of Piedras Chinas to Santo Domingo. The tasks also included the restoration of stairways of the houses, and reopen to circulation.

These works form part of the first part of the beautification project for this street. The “El Mirador” area is ready to restore green areas, planting trees and cleaning the area to install more flora.

Near the Pedro Vargas monument, this office will be in charge of carrying out work for residents and visitors, relocating benches, eliminating planters, and reinforcing the fence that is lined with quarry, in addition to the installation of wrought iron railings.

For this first stage, at the access to the Handicrafts Market, the steps were rebuilt, logs were placed and the brush was removed to simulate a bench area that will be a “second” viewpoint.

The project for which Salida a Real Querétaro closed contemplated the expansion, leveling, and alignment with 30 x 30 paving stones on a separate base, in addition to 1,500 square meters of the vehicular stream with this material, and another 1,500 with drowned ball stone in cement.

With this rehabilitation works 250 families will benefit, inhabitants of the neighborhoods Barrio de Palmita de Landeta, Valle del Maíz, Cuesta de Loreto, Montes de Oca, Callejón de la Sierra, Garita, and Cruz del Pueblo.


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