San Miguel de Allende police officers shot at in attack


What started as a routine checkup ended in beatings against the police, the capture of Yanely one of the aggressors in San Miguel de Allende was achieved.

This Tuesday around 17:00 hours, the ” Group Centaurs, ” the RCMP of San Miguel de Allende, unfurled its operating prevention and surveillance in Colonia Allende. Upon arriving at Flores and Santa Fe streets, they noticed a vehicle with crew members in a suspicious and evasive attitude.

A vehicle Nissan Tida white, without license plates and windows polarized, so the police decide to pull over the driver to perform a routine inspection . However, suddenly several people left their homes to physically and verbally attack the police officers.

This is the vehicle that underwent review by glasses polarized and lack of plates 

During the confrontation, the residents of the area beat a policewoman, while a man dressed in gray, took out a firearm and shot at the officers, for which one of them repelled the attack. The person in charge began to run towards the stream; the police began a chase, although the attacker managed to escape.

After the police reaction, Yanely, who participated in the aggression against the officers, was arrested, so she was transferred to the preventive divisions where he is at the disposal of the Public Ministry.

Yanely was one of the alleged aggressors , she was presented to the Public Ministry

The Ministry of Public Security reported that the injured element has bruises on his face and body, who is already receiving hospital care. 

His state of health is reported stable.


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