This is how Guanajuato seeks to recover tourism from Covid-19 and insecurity


The entity faces the challenge of the pandemic added to the increase in the crime incidence in its territory due to the presence of organized crime.

Guanajuato, where the so-called ‘cradle of Independence’ is located, is at a time of uncertainty regarding the arrival of visitors stopped especially by the Covid-19 pandemic.

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San Miguel de Allende Guanajuato

Its main international market, the United States, maintains the travel alert at level 3, that is, to reconsider visiting the country with the focus on, among others, that entity, given the recent increase in infections of the disease but also because of the security issue.

“The US Embassy has updated its travel restrictions for its personnel to Guanajuato. Employees of the US government do not have to travel to the southern area of ​​the state, including highway 45D, Celaya, Salamanca, and Irapuato ”, says the alert from the government of that country.

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Celaya Guanajuato

Until last July, the country accumulated 17,016 cases of intentional homicide in the country, of which 1,980 (11.6%) had been registered in the entity, the highest state figure in the country with an increase of 20.8% in relation to the first 7 months of 2019, according to data from the Executive Secretariat of the National Public Security System.

In this regard, the entity’s Secretary of Tourism, Juan José Álvarez, stressed that although this information has been disseminated, in tourism they have focused on generating good news to regain the confidence of the traveler.

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Irapuato Guanajuato

“Certainly Guanajuato has gone through complicated stages in the security issue. A few weeks ago there was a very important arrest of a cell that operated in the state and was the generator of this bad news. We, together with the Secretary of Security, have been attacking it from the tourist point of view, generating good news, “he said in an interview with Forbes.

The entity launched a new brand in early September to promote the destination and attract new visitors. With the motto “Guanajuato, live great stories”, the entity governed by Diego Sinhué, the entity seeks to reposition itself among potential travelers as an attractive destination with its 2 heritage cities and its 6 magical towns.

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Salamanca Guanajuato

“It seems to me that this launch of the Guanajuato tourism brand at a complex time such as the pandemic gives precisely this hope of reviving a very important tourism industry for the state and for the country. And that we are constantly generating this good news so that in some way it can be seen that Guanajuato is not what is perceived, but that we have a lot to tell, we have stories to build together, legends to tell you, ”Álvarez said.

Guanajuato is a dangerous state for police

We are four cases away from matching the figures of 2019, the most violent year; within a few minutes of each other, two elements were executed in Uriangato and Irapuato

Guanajuato is only four cases away from equaling the number of police officers killed in all of 2019, and as has happened since 2018, it remains the state with the highest number of fallen elements nationwide.

According to data collected by the organization ‘Causa en Común’ , as of September 13, in Guanajuato 67 public security agents have been victims of intentional homicide.

However, yesterday two other cases were added, bringing the figure to 69.

The penultimate case was that of a woman who worked in the Traffic Directorate, in the municipality of Uriangato , who was shot to death around 1:00 p.m. yesterday.

Minutes later, but in the municipality of Irapuato, Jorge Luis Hernández Rangel , former Villagrán police chief and who was now an element of the State Public Security Forces (FSPE), was assassinated while he was eating at a diner.

The second deadliest

With this figure, Guanajuato doubles the number of murdered police officers in the state with the second highest incidence, which is the State of Mexico with 32 cases, or Veracruz, which reports at least 30 murders.

In addition, it represents 17% of the approximately 400 homicides against security agents documented by ‘Common Cause’.

With this, and with three and a half months to go until the end of the year, the entity is only four cases away from equaling the record it established in all of 2019, when 73 police officers were killed.

The most recent victims

A female member of Mobility from the municipality of Uriagato, was shot to death while she was working; those allegedly responsible fled early before the Preventive Police arrived.

They surprise him in the food

While eating at an inn in Irapuato while he was accompanied by a woman, Jorge Luis Hernández Rangel, former police chief of the Villagrán municipality, was shot to death and who is currently serving as commander of the State Public Security Forces (FSPE).


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