Guanajuato and its narrowest alley


Barely one person fits. And no, it is not the Alley of the Kiss; it is the alley of Los Changos.

Someone has said, and not wrong, that individuals, like people, have their very particular way of conceiving their reality. Because the alleys and squares of Guanajuato – steep, narrow, winding – are the privacy of its inhabitants, who with great pride, continue and will continue to preserve them. Hence the importance of knowing their background, since they are linked to the history of the city and its families.

Our city, Guanajuato, is known worldwide for two things: the mummies and their alleys. In the official records, there are more than 3,200 alleys, with names as peculiar as their shapes and colors, whose cobbled paths wind through the Cuevans (capital) houses from the historic center to the edge of the urban area.

Among this nuance of narrow streets, we come across the narrowest alley of this emblematic city. And it is not about the Alley of the Kiss.

Assembled with the peculiar name of Los Changos, this curious and small alley is located around the Jardín del Cantador, practically in the heart of Guanajuato capital, about ten minutes walk from the Plaza de la Paz.

From wall to wall, the distance is exactly 48 centimeters wide. Long, they are 10 meters. It is so inclined that there is a rope installed on the shore that is used to climb it. And it is that climbing puts your physical condition to the test; You practically have to climb, a fact that corroborates why it was baptized with that name. You have to climb 57 steps to reach the top.

This alley is the entrance to a private one, and although it is a public road, the residents of the area decided to install a small railing that gives the place more charisma.

On the one hand, Los Changos leads to a group of houses in which there is no way out; on the other side it leads to one of the city’s most famous parks ( El Cantador ). This is how we suggest you visit this mini-callejón, where there is hardly room for one person.

Unlike the already well-known Alley of the Kiss, here they do not tell legends or warn you seven years of bad luck if you do not make out with someone on the third step. But yes: it is so narrow, that taking advantage of the short distance, the same and two people could well express a little (or a lot) affection, in a very original place in the magical City of Guanajuato.


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