Salvatierra Pueblo Magico, a Spanish style colonial town awaits you in Guanajuato


Salvatierra was a town where the Spanish settled, due to this today we can appreciate its beautiful colonial architecture in its houses, portals, and temples.

On one side of its Plaza de Armas is the Parish of Nuestra Señora de la Luz or Diocesan Sanctuary, in a baroque style in which you can see a neoclassical altar. The Municipal Palace is currently located in its old convent.
Magic Town Salvatierra, Guanajuato

The Temple of Nuestra Señora del Carmen was built in the seventeenth century making it the oldest in all of Salvatierra. Inside there is a chapel dedicated to the Child of Prague.

Very close to this site is the Temple of San Francisco de Asís, built between 1645 and 1743, and the Temple and Ex-Convent of the Capuchin Baroque style, with mixtilinear ornamentation, a cloister of novices and access doors in white quarry with tezontle walls.

The Hidalgo Market dates from the 20th century with its facade carved in quarry, and inside you can find more than 100 stores where you can buy a wide variety of products. In the indigenous neighborhood of San Juan there is a temple of lime and song where the Lord of Socorro is venerated, according to the inhabitants of this town that the image was found within the bark of a tree.