Cafeteria invades “Cuna de Allende” square in SMA


The Municipal Director of Culture and TraditionsPaulina Cadena, tried to obtain the concession of the Cuna de Allende square, where tables belonging to the De Santos café, owned by her husband, are installed daily. Even that space does not have a defined use of land, so the tables would be breaking the law.

The De Santos café is on the corner of the emblematic Cuna de Allende square (on the corner with Cuadrante Street); in front of the Casa Rosada hotel, where tables are set up and food and drinks are offered.

According to the councilor Helio Bastién, that space, where the coffee tables are placed, has no use of land: “and it does not seem right for the municipality to hand over that place in a free loan or a concession; that is wrong”.

The independent mayor said that the placement of these tables is illegal since it has no use of land and that it is a public space.

The business is in the name of the husband of the director of Culture and Traditions, Eduardo Enrique Aguilera.

Source: SMT

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