Government of Guanajuato provides support to young people to travel to Japan and continue their studies 


Silao.- The state government supported 11 young people from Guanajuato to travel to Hiroshima, Japan, to continue their studies. 

The academic preparation of these students in the so-called country of the Rising Sun, is possible due to the Friendship Agreement signed between the Government of the State of Guanajuato and the Hiroshima Prefecture in 2014. 

In the delivery of travel kits, Governor Diego Sinhue Rodríguez Vallejo assured that the close relationship with Hiroshima allows joint activities to be developed in the areas of: economy; education, basic, medium and higher levels; culture, and tourism. 

 He said that Japan “an incredible and wonderful country that you have to learn a lot about, order and its culture, you have to learn that, but you also have to learn about its technology and modernity, the trains.” 

He asked them to learn and live the different experiences they will have in that Asian country. “Dimension all that, I want you to have a broad vision of the world.” 

The beneficiaries of the Hiroshima-Guanajuato 2023 Youth Exchange are Carolina Reynoso Hecht, UVEG; Benjamin Torres Castañeda, ENMS Silao; Gabriela Niño Castro, Bivalent High School Talents Irapuato; Oziel Alejandro Cazares Leal, Cecyt 17; and Alexandra Angulo Yañez, Rincón Regional High School. 

As well as Ariel Ramírez Malagón, SABES Insurgentes Celaya; Leonardo Roberto García Almanza, CONALEP Valle de Santiago; Emiliano Muñoz Martín, University of La Salle Bajío San Francisco del Rincón; Regina García Bravo, Hispanic American Educational Complex of León; and Eduardo Imanol Gómez Mata, Sanmiguelense Institute of San Miguel de Allende. 

The objective of the Hiroshima – Guanajuato Youth Exchange Program is for young people in upper secondary education to have an immersion experience in a foreign culture, which allows them to expand their horizons, strengthen their personal and professional training for 10 days. 

Likewise, there is the International Junior Forum 8th Edition call, it is a Forum developed by the Hiroshima Prefecture, and promoted by the SEG, with the purpose of motivating the proactive participation of upper secondary education students from Guanajuato. 

In this Hiroshima Junior International Forum, the student Adam Khan Khattak, from SABES Santa Ana Pacueco, will participate. 

Since 2015, these two calls for international mobility have been issued for young people between 15 and 18 years of age. 

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the activities derived from the calls were carried out virtually, however, for this year 2023 the face-to-face form has been resumed. 

So far, 15 students have traveled to Hiroshima and 25 students have participated virtually; while at the Hiroshima Junior International Forum, four students have traveled to Hiroshima and three students have participated virtually. 

As part of the good relationship between Guanajuato and Hiroshima, there have been courtesy visits by Hiroshima University students, who are studying at UNAM, their stay is for one year. 

 Source: El Universal